Our conveniently-formatted Ephemerides and Tables of Houses have for many years been recognized internationally for their quality and precision, but we no longer print them. Our Ephemerides and Tables of Houses are now directly available with many more choices in our astrological software Infociel Windows and Astro-PC

With our Infociel Windows, Astro-PC Basic and Astro-PC Pro programs, it is possible to display on the screen and print all the ephemeris pages you want as in our "New International Ephemerides 1900-2050", and also obtain pages of tables as in our book "Tables of Houses".
With the basic version of Astro-PC, you have even more possibilities: you can get ephemerides with the tropical or sidereal zodiac, and this from the year 3000 B.C. to the year 3000 A.D. (that is, six thousand years of ephemerides!).
With the Professional version of Astro-PC, it is possible not only to obtain conventional ephemerides with planetary positions in longitude, but also positions in declination or in latitude. The Pro version allows to obtain the planetary positions in geocentric astrology, but also heliocentric ephemerides (which also indicate the position of the Moon).
You will find in this document (in French) an example of the various pages of ephemerides and tables of the houses that you can obtain according to the software used.

You will find below information on what our old books proposed:


The New International Ephemerides 1900-2050 (out of print)

Tables of Houses (out of print)